I have been pondering about creating a podcast on power, the personal power one has at one’s command to maneuver in life. Many years ago I watched a program on television, 60 Minutes, in which . . .


A live moment

Watch this video the bottom one, several times if you have to. 


True Hallucinations

I’ve been reading Terence McKenna. Never heard of him? There are quite a few video recordings of him on YouTube. His book, True Hallucinations . . .


the shadow

It was time to change the background image on my computer.  I picked several images as candidates, abstract colors, nature scenes, and then I came upon the one pictured above.


THe rolling force

       There are energy currents in the world that we do not as yet possess the mechanism to be consciously aware of, to be able to measure them, utilize them or control its effects. 

lighter lennon.jpg


A seeress is one who sees, one who knows. It's not something one talks about. In the talking one reduces this "awareness" to the questioners’ ability to grasp something foreign to them; it becomes trivialized.


Children of Violence

Doris Lessing became famous for writing The Golden Notebook, which was preceded by the Children of Violence series that are of a much higher quality.  But the Notebook was lauded because it spoke to the burgeoning feminist movement. 


the interview

      I woke up in the middle of the night with the thought that my life was empty and pointless.  What was the sense of going on?



Heroes & Heroines

Chelsea Manning has been taken into custody for refusing to testify at a grand jury hearing on her knowledge of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. 

the+frosting 2.jpg

the frosting

Bruised and battered but still in one piece I have made my move to the city.  My hands are so rough from packing and unpacking cardboard boxes I could use them to sand the dining room table, and my nails are down to the quick, but I’m here,



   “I am Dandy: The return of the Elegant Gentleman.” Being a dandy isn’t just about wearing beautiful clothes, it touches every part of your life. Everything you do must be elegant.


Screamers, Gloaters, Players

In Lakota tradition, the ghost is the shadow of a human, caught between the physical and Spirit world, unable to act effectively in either realm. 


Queen No Clothes

      Packing, packing, the little routines cast asunder and one becomes present to life.  Nothing stands in the way of the awful anxiety of it, of the frail individual standing against the mysterious and dark forces of the universe. 


The Heart Turns

Someone recommended Annie Ernaux to me; she is considered one of the most important writers in contemporary France.


Manhattan Seeress

Above is the cover of the forthcoming memoir of my experiences in NYC.  It’s not out yet, but will be within a month.


the french Bitch

A moment of truth on the site Zero Hedge about an article on the homeless situation in California. A good section of those who post on the site are working stiff guys mad as hell at their plight in life.


the Rules

Of the rules that govern one’s life, the most important is self awareness. It overrides all others in that it forces you to acknowledge your true self, and your shadow.


heart beat

Life  is a series of challenges that one must resolve in order to  survive.  Courage is required.  Courage, persistence and personal power.  Each of us has developed methods, habits to take care of ourselves,


Dark force

       I have a friend who was beaten severely by his stepfather when he was a child.  His nose was broken a number of times.  He is a very handsome man, virile, intelligent.  It seems to me that . . .



    Richard Pryor used to do this routine in which he spoke about whites.  What he found most bewildering about them was their idea of taking a tab of LSD at a party as their notion of having fun.  Some people want to look behind the curtain,



I am a gardener.  On a fluke probably instigated by Tante Jeanne, our family’s superior homemaker, whose vegetable garden next door could have been featured in a national magazine.  The woman was a pro.


a man

Herbert Miller, my very first crush.  I was about 19, 20 years old, a very young 19 or 20.  Having married just as I turned 17, a kid, I was naive in many ways.  My husband Roger, had been my first and only boyfriend. 


free shxt!

Let me introduce you to the latest announced presidential candidate, Andrew Yang He speaks intelligently, is personable and he has a plan. 


Oy, oy, oy!

    Today is one of those days.  The snow is melting in the yard for which every centimeter brings me closer to life, warm sun, growing things, and the great outdoors. 

flagellation 1.jpg


 Feeling a little spacy today. The system is under attack, my lungs are being occupied by a foreign body . . .


stats 101

I have found the reasons why my stats are so low on the Squarespace site. Squarespace have what they call blog pages . . .



     I found her at the ASPCA Adoption Center annual event at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.  Tons of cats to choose from and I am ambivalent about making such a commitment.


Big City

    First post of the year and the news, let us pause a moment for blaring of trumpets, I’m moving to the big city!  Well, not exactly a big city, but Maine’s biggest and hippest city, Portland. 

Hurling Stones.jpg

Hurling stones

The New York Review of Books published an essay by Jian Ghomeshi in October entitled, Reflections from a Hashtag.  Ghomeshi is a Canadian celeb who has been tried for violent sexual assaults, (there is no rape law in Canada) and he was found not guilty.