Luhrenloup's Cave




For The Week of May 21, 2018

Runes are part of Viking mythology, worldview, and spiritual practice. 3 runes are chosen randomly from the 24 Celtic symbols. They will indicate what is unfolding for you in the coming week, the direction you need to be moving in, and barriers you may encounter within yourself and in your environment that must be dealt with.


The Impossible Possibility


SOL is a power that enlightens and enables things and situations to be perceived as they really are.  It provides an inner illumination that can enable you to see your way ahead more clearly, serving as a guiding light.


Understand that the certainty regarding the present situation has eluded you.  Faith is the true nature of life and flows through everyone and everything.  Rest now.  Put your trust in that faith which creates all things.





The Spiritual Warrior


The T rune is sometimes associated with the concept of the Spiritual Warrior.  A soldier takes orders from another and is thus not fully responsible for the outcome of his actions.  A warrior, on the other hand, makes his own decisions and takes full responsibility for his actions.  A Spiritual Warrior is not at war with others; his battles are with the self, with the adversary within, the ego.


Success is yours.  You have mastered the situation.  Remember the steps taken that led to this triumph.





Inner Light


KEN is the fire power that breaks down and creates new shapes under intelligent control.  It is the power of analysis, of determined progression, of reasoned growth and development.  It provides the clarity of thought that is required to visualize essential detail and to arouse the fire of passion.


Tune into the subtle messages being sent to you by others, or from your inner self.  Feel the energy of life emanating from the earth, radiating through you, charging you with vitality.