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Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang

Sun 3.17.19


      Let me introduce you to the latest announced presidential candidate, Andrew Yang  He speaks intelligently, is personable and he has a plan.  If he is elected all adults in this country will receive gratis, $1000 a month.  This is not charity, you are not a scrub, a loser, or a victim.  It’s yours to do what you please with.  No more welfare, that horrible system where individuals are treated as low grade usurpers of the nation’s wealth and denied basic rights granted to the rest of the country.  Yang has done the research and he makes absolute sense that this is the way to go.  The manufacturing jobs are not coming back; shaming and threatening people for being poor hasn’t worked.  I firmly believe that no human being should want for food and shelter unless caused by an act of god, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, major climate change. Government’s sole purpose, the only reason communities were and are formed is for self protection and enhancement.  Our current leadership is under the mistaken impression that they are in Washington to play political gamesmanship and self-enrichment.  Presidents seem to consider their standing in the world is what it’s all about.

       Christian nations are under the onus of the good versus evil dichotomy and America especially with its puritan beginnings is suffused with the idea of America as an exceptional nation among nations. The country was seen by its religious community as the new Zion, as Moses lead his people to the new land so the puritans arrive in America to form a religious community.  This theory of exceptionalism is the bedrock of our capitalist system.  If you don’t make it in America, it’s your fault!  You deserve what’s coming to you.  It’s a commonplace quip when someone goes to prison that they will be deservedly gang raped.  Very little is done to protect prisoners from this violence.  They deserve it, don’t they?  And by inference, don’t we all?  Common sense indicates that people who are maltreated will not become productive members of society.  Regardless, the American need to punish overwhelms practical wisdom. 

       Our species has evolved to where it can start to enjoy the benefits of technology.  Robotics and AI are advancing at such a pace that they will take over the onerous work performed by humans.  What will happen to these no longer employable humans?  Will they be labeled as evil?  Politicians with no answers to the present disorder have done just that.  Les Deplorables, they call the people, and worse.  Those who more and more find themselves in straitened circumstances are just not going along with the program.  It’s worse In Europe, the people are scorned by leaders who feel no obligation to take heed of their demands.  Angela Merkel has said that the people are focused on family and career and have no special loyalty to the nation.  What care they what state they’re in?  She sees the ultimate objective is a disappearance of nation states and a world united under globalism, in other words, more of the same, except there’s no way out, with a small cadre of mega corporations who will rule the world.  Macron has gone so far as to say that the people’s mandate is no longer relevant in today’s world.  The yellow jackets don’t seem to agree with him.  Then you have Theresa in England who has been working diligently in an underhanded way to ensure the voters’ choice of Brexit is quashed.  The separation between ruler and ruled has reached risible proportions.  That Congress at this time is debating about seeking a raise in pay is the “let them eat cake” equivalent of Antoinette’s quip. 

       Free Sh-t, the folks call out derisively when socialism is mentioned.  Government cannot afford handouts for society’s slackers.  Listening to Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Elizabeth Warren who talk about health care for all, free college, a green new deal, with no concrete plans on how to bring this about, especially with our Ponzi scheme of an economy teetering in the wind is rightly seen as dangerous.  I say, be wary of politicians who appeal to the emotions, sentimentality, avarice, distrust, suspicion, anger. 

       Andrew Wang has a plan and it’s based on logic.  He’s talking math.  How such a man would deal with the deep state is another question altogether.  It’s like sending David armed with a stone in his sling to defeat Goliath.  He better have a good swinging arm.

 Donald’s not doing well at all.  The guy has completely forgotten his promise to rebuild the country’s infra-structure.  He said our current wars were a drain on the economy, yet he’s in it up to his ears.  He’s in Iraq, threatening Iran, attempting to overthrow the Venezuelan government, sanctioning Russia every twenty minutes, failing in his threats to win concessions from Kim and Xi.

       I think Wang could give Trump a run for his money.  He’s got a real plan based on provable facts, which no one else has had up till now.  Trump easily beat the contenders in the last go round because they were just rehashing the same ole same ole.  It’s a show folks, and who knows we might come out of this $1000 richer every month.  I say let the debates begin! 

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