the french bitch

Parisian by Erica Simone

Parisian by Erica Simone

       Sun 7.7.19


      A moment of truth on the site Zero Hedge about an article on the homeless situation in California.  A good section of those who post on the site are working stiff guys mad as hell at their plight in life.  The French Bitch, namely me, posted comment to the article and addressed some of the responses of fellow posters,


“Think of it as a loop: the government enjoys making trouble in the world, so creates wars with whomever is smaller than the US and takes all their resources.  They are attacking a people's country; their country may not be as powerful as the US, but it's home, and their people will fight on forever to keep it (think Afghanistan.)  Costs a lot of money and ever more deadly weapons to kill these little guys.  And then there is the problem of all the messed up US soldiers coming back home with no support system to help them find their way.

To the wise guys on this thread who suggest shooting all the homeless -- probably soldiers should be eliminated once their tour of duty is over so the wise guys don't have to subsidize homeless shelters for the messed up soldiers.

Wise up guys what you need to be doing is turning your energy on stopping America's killing machine.  That's where your money is going!  Nobody cares, least of all the government, that you work at a job you hate 60 hours a week to put food on the table and you resent like hell all of those not similarly entrapped. [Saltier language used in original post.]”

      Do you ever have days when you want to smash every cretin within reach?  I do.  To take care of that aspect of my personality, I created The French Bitch.  I suppose my Bitch is similar to the guys in that she’s being as mean-spirited as those she is addressing.  In truth, they are not having a good time in life, same as the homeless.  Yes, I know, degree, but nevertheless.  Are they to blame for it  . . . get a better job?  No, they’re no more to blame than the homeless who also have to work very hard to maintain themselves.

      Why pick on these guys if they’re not to blame for their situation and their grudging attitude?  For the same reason we all do it, something totally unrelated to the situation at hand is vexing one’s life, probably creating insecurity. 

      The French Bitch is not a particularly pleasant aspect of myself, but the Bitch has strength.  I know when she pops up on the scene things have started rolling again and I’m back in the game.  Being an ass is an occasional aspect of oneself that needs acceptance and acknowledgement.  One is not right or wrong, one just is.