Sun 1.27.19


      In Lakota tradition, the ghost is the shadow of a human, caught between the physical and Spirit world, unable to act effectively in either realm.  I would posit that the above description is an apt portrayal of the US situation presently unfolding.  Everybody’s right and asserts that everybody else is wrong.  The level of hatred, viciousness, puerility has reached actionable levels.  I would point to specific recent events, but I’m sure you’ve had more than enough of the screamers, the gloaters, the players, the offended, the performers.  Instead, I opt to give you my yearly analysis of the news sites I subscribe to (I don’t do TV).  They are arrayed by the frequency of inspection.



The Russian site is the first one I go to in the morning.  If you want to find what the US is up to on the international stage they will cover it.  Aside from their reports on the US they cover the news in a fairly unbiased way, exposing both sides of a situation like we used to have in this country.

The money guys.  They are capitalism’s bulwark against the AOC’s of the world, and have been reporting faithfully for the past year how socialism has destroyed Venezuela, its citizens eating out of garbage cans, etc.  But they deliver daily news and are generally ahead of every other reporting site, and are better connected.  They used to have some of the wittiest posters on their site, but not lately.  Undoubtedly, a reflection of current the national zeitgeist.  I, myself will post some outrageous comment when the mood hits me.

Drudge in the evening.  The site is not attractive with long lists in little boxes.  The guy’s a DC insider so I look to see what his take is on what’s coming down.  He’s pretty fair and calls it like it is whether he likes it or not.  I look at his headline stories and the articles with pictures.

Unabashed Trump supporters; another evening quick see.  But they have pictures and we get a bit of a style show of what Melania’s wearing these days.  They like to play the fright card and report on the crazy things Hollywood, the hip hop music pack, the #metoo crowd and sundry victim groups are saying about the Orange One and how they plan to destroy him.


Several Times a Week:

Jim Kunstler whose site this is, is a good writer, funny, bombastic, erudite, with an intelligent take on the state of events, a little on the gloomy side.  He does analysis and he’s fair.  His articles come out on Monday and Friday.  I generally post comments on this site.

I check on Cait occasionally.  She is a rabid Democrat but an excellent analyst when it comes to themes that are beyond the Democrat/Republican box.  Smart girl.


The very best in depth analysis of international and national actions and intentions.

Thierry Meyssan is a Frenchman who in the aftermath of 9/11 was the first to proclaim that things were not as was being reported in his book 9/11: The Big Lie, published in 2002, for which he was driven from france and now lives in Damascus Syria.  He and his team are the investigators par excellence.

Another good investigative and analysis site with a bevy of good writers.  I especially like Federico Pieraccini.


The Edgy Guys:

Above is Tom’s site, but if you want the full Luongo you want to see him on the second youtube url wearing his safari hat and telling it like it is.  Good show, smart guy, just recently discovered.

What can I say?  We all have our weaknesses.  Alex is a little on the histrionic side, but you never know, he might have something interesting to say.  And let’s face it, they’re banning this guy it’s because he’s seen as a threat. I like his guys, Owen Shroyer and the other Paul Joseph Watson.