heart Beat



Sun 6.9.19

Life  is a series of challenges that one must resolve in order to  survive.  Courage is required.  Courage, persistence and personal power.  Each of us has developed methods, habits to take care of ourselves, to increase our strength, to remain virile.  Yes, even children.  I have been speaking to people, in one manner or another for a great deal of my life.  I have spoken to children who were troubled, unloved and abused, to prisoners, to people who just can't take this crazy world we live in, or who can take it only in moderate doses, people who desperately need someone to listen, to really listen, to care, people alone, as I am alone, as we are all alone, wanting to reach out, to connect, seeking answers.   I have spoken to people who have truly humbled me with their courage, their wisdom, to people who are dying, old, cancerous, victims of AIDS, to people suffering catastrophic loss to their body. 

      We all seek someone who will listen to us, to help in whatever manner, to lend a hand, to open heart and mind, to truly listen, to stand by our side, to respect us, to behave in an ethical manner, and to love us; to apply the knowledge, the power, the wisdom they’ve developed to assist us. We seek commitment.  Together, we will seek a further understanding of the mysteries that surround us, of our vulnerabilities, we will speak of love, no matter who, no matter what the situation, death, dismemberment, imprisonment, illusions, hallucinations, we will speak of love, love, we want love.  Our conversations continue only so long as we have a task to accomplish, a goal.  Workers in the field of love.  It is the great mystery.  A secret is imparted in love, one no longer struggles, is at peace, the world sparkles, how to get back there?  Love imparts an energy that makes us strong, invulnerable, able to create harmony among others, it returns us to a state of childlike innocence and it flows from us to the world.  A circle, the correct path, doors open, psychic energy is unleashed, the proper connections are made.

      You and I together create this energy, and it spreads.  It is where my heart resides.  It is my energy, my power source.


The favorite essay this month has been, Garden