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Sun 6.16.19


      I’ve been reading Terence McKenna.  Never heard of him?  There are quite a few video recordings of him on YouTube.  His book, True Hallucinations brings me back to the Amazon with botanists looking for psychedelic plants.  Terence is not an academic type; I would say he is an entrepreneur scholar.  He’s got all the degrees and is a true scientist, but he’s not the type who would be institutionally confined.

      The TH book is about his first trip to the Amazon with a group consisting of his brother, the girlfriend, which Terence has taken from some weird guy with a god complex.  Solo Dark joins the group with his broken heart and then there is a woman who serves as translator/researcher and was a fellow student of Terence along with another fellow who serves as the most levelheaded/wimp.  These last two pair up at some point and move to a nearby hut by themselves.

      Solo of the broken heart figures he’s a fifth wheel in this expedition and Terence gives him the money to return to civilization.  So it is Terence, the girlfriend and his brother Dennis, another scientist in one camp.  The split occurs  because the other two are not agreeing with the McKenna group assessment of the effects of psilocybin, nor the dosage amounts.

The original plan was to go in search of a specific plant whose name I forget, but then they stumble upon psilocybe cubensis, affectionately known by adepts as, magic mushrooms.  They grow in profusion on cow pats in the field adjoining their huts.  McKenna, and most who’ve taken psilocybin attest to a foreign intelligence residing within this mushroom.  Aliens are not in flying saucers seeking to land on earth.  They reside in another dimension that one is able to connect with through the mushroom, says Terence. 

If the sound from my mp3 player is able to travel through the air to my Bluetooth cordless headphones, don’t you think it possible that this foreign intelligence could easily inhabit such a dimension?  Seems a lot easier than dealing with space ships, time travel, atmospheric variances.  The brothers are dosing heavily, so much that Dennis loses it, is out of it for over a month, not making any sense at all.  Translator urges Terence to get him psychological help and is agitated when he will not.  He believes Dennis will come out of it on his own and does not want to inflict that profession with its questionable tactics on his brother.  He is right. 

      In one of his lectures given years later he happened to mention the paintings at Altamira, Spain some of which are pictured on this page.  With my interest in cave art I looked into it.  These paintings were said to have been created during the paleolithic ice age.  The cave on my site, the Menu page,

 is of the cave at Lascaux in France.  Those were created before the advent of agriculture.  Note the degree of craftsmanship and sophistication in the work and its placement in both caves.

      I’ve read in a recent poll that fake news is now seen by a majority, 77%, as the most serious issue facing the country.  This I view is a ray of light shining through the darkness of our much-fabricated reality.  What else is fake?  Were those cave paintings created by “early hominids” or intelligent beings clearly in possession of a soul that urged them to create their cave temples?  Somehow placed on an inhospitable planet, they speak strongly to we followers of their human presence.


Terence McKenna dedicated his life to recording and preserving the culture, plants, ways of preliterate, shamanistic governed indigenous people. 

The favorite essay this month has been, Garden

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