Spirit of Man

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Sun 7.21.19


      You have noticed that the United States appears to be in the midst of a revolution, a major transformation.  The country’s myth no longer binds us.  Heroes are shown to have been upholding terribly wicked principles.  We are trapped in a world, similar to Orwell’s, where the government is the VOICE, which permeates every aspect of our lives.  Unlike Orwell’s world where government voice was all powerful and dreadful, ours lurches from one hysterical crises to another.  By government I mean to include the corporate world and the main stream media.  The country is ruled by a triumvirate.

      It has been moving in a direction, especially since the 90’s and Clinton, of globalism.  Corporations and MSM are attempting to unseat national governments and render them malleable to their ambitions.  They don’t want to be confined to the rules of one country.  Government has gone a long way to accommodate them.  In essence, it’s done through appointed and elected officials who sell their power to the other two in order to attain and maintain office. 

      Donald Trump came to power as the representative of a faction that eschews globalism.  Merkel’s comment that people don’t care about the idea “country;” their concerns about family, jobs, money, security was apparently wrong and her country has greatly suffered from her invitation to refugees to establish themselves in Germany.  Better for her to have supported the refugees in their own countries.  People do care about their nation, its mythology, its character, its art, literature, its values.

      Culture, manipulated by MSM is a form of control for which there is no escape if one wants to participate in American society.  I am reminded of the incident during the Clinton/Trump debate in which Trump replied to the question whether he would respect the nomination of Clinton if he lost, I’d have to see, maybe not.  There was an audible gasp from the audience and the panel, not to mention Hillary with her look of utter disdain of this “deplorable,” to the response.  Of course, Hillary has been less a model of graciousness with her opponent after losing to him.

      This scene is being repeated ceaselessly every day with culture, through its power brokers, working to hold on to the upper hand, pitting one group against another to maintain power.  Culture is deadly and you want to run as fast as you can away from it, from its “news,” its “celebrities,” its propaganda movies, its social media and TV that tells you what is good, what is proper, how to behave, how to dress, what to think on whatever topic, value, person, idea, and then what to say. 

      Technology has imprisoned the people.  What started as a wonderful tool, was shortly taken over by corporations, MSM and also government officials who tweet their id-nourished remarks ad nauseum.  Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai manipulate politicians at will and have become the new dictators.  Politics is a meaningless game played by ruthless, corrupt folks who are responsible for the horrors of the world, every last one of these representatives.

      There is only the road, and that road is yours to create your own reality, your own values.  Jesus said,”  "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, “ but for god’s sake, don’t take him seriously.  From a free people comes representative art, music, stories, poems, sculpture, film, not what passes for it in the MSM today.  Does any of it speak to human spirit, does it heal, inspire?  That can only occur from a self-directed people.orite essay

this month has been, True Hallucinations.