Year’s End


Sun 12.31.17


      We are shortly to be bombarded by year-end reports of what’s been happening in the past year.  I’ve got my own list of what is worth noting and I don’t care to regurgitate all the horrible killings, mass explosions from nature and its human inhabitants.  My area of focus is on the quest to achieve a modicum of reality.  What’s really happening as opposed to what we’ve been programmed to accept, what we are told has and will occur. 

      Our country has been through tumultuous times as it changes directions with the election of Donald Trump.  The electorate is evenly divided in pro, con, bad guy, good guy, binary opposition to the new administration.  There’s no really serious report or analysis of the president’s program, what his intentions are, and how it will affect the country.  MSM only knows that the man must be removed and it works diligently for that goal.

      Donald Trump is no picnic.  He’s boorish, crude, petty, a bully, and that’s on his good days.  He’s a dynamo.  That he has survived the onslaught seeking to destroy him is nothing short of magic.  From what I’ve gathered, he wants to move government in a more business model operational direction.  It’s obvious he’s had to make his deal with deep state and the wars will continue.  All presidents rule solely by deep state consent and approval.  If they didn’t want him in power, he’d be gone.  The wars are depressing, a horror.  The world is going crazy with all the murder, terrorism, rape, and mayhem from these wars.  Most of them don’t benefit the US, rather they are focused on not letting other countries become too powerful, a loser’s stance.

      On the social level political correctness has reached bizarro, grotesque levels where we have Caucasian professors assailing their own race in their teachings.  Considering the white race is responsible for a great deal of humankind’s advancement and well-being it tells you something about the current education system.  Women think they can defy the rules of appropriate comportment and expect to be respected.  Since recorded time sex has been seen as a private matter.  It is not something that happens in the middle of main street. If one dresses suggestively and acts seductively in inappropriate circumstances there will be repercussions.  Both men and women use their sexuality to advantage.  What is going too far in pushing this advantage publicly has yet to be addressed.  One observes is a great deal of immature posturing and bullying.  Yes, the very people who despise Trump behave just like him to make their point.

      There’s more to this than meets the eye, as most of the sexual culprits that have been exposed are liberals, Democrats.  Then you have the sliding identity phenomenon occurring where people want to switch their appearance and physical body to become the other gender.  An avalanche of pedophilia is being dredged up daily. 

One’s sexuality is the engine of one’s power; to vacillate about gender places one in a weakened position.  What is this all about?  Is there a plan unfolding that we are not privy to?  If you study “the news” a bit you become aware that most of it is geared to making you fearful and distracted (the better to control you).  The wars, the jihadists, Russia, North Korea, the blacks, immigrants, food, religious zealots, illness and its cost, market collapse, recession, identity theft, computer viruses.

      My pared down list of current events sites are:

The Russian site where one gets a different view of what the US broadcasts.

These people tend to be sensational, a lot of doomsday headlines, but you can get some glimpses of reality interspersed with the drudge.  I’m trying to wean myself from too much ZH.

This guy fills his site with mainstream articles from other publications, so a little of everything with trivial and weird reports to season his mix.

This one because Steve Bannon has Trump’s ear and knows what’s really going on with the president.  He obviously has a hand in political decision making.

Thierry Meyssan’s site, because he is a highly trusted, objective, intelligent political essayist.  A rare find.

For its Gotham craziness.

Strategic Culture is able to attract good in-depth analysis from a world of political writers.


I also occasionally check out


and a new addition, because he’s funny and smart, a wise-ass, James Howard Kunstler at