the scotus play


Sun 9.30.18


      The play has been staged, the characters have played their competing parts and the votes have been cast. Kavanaugh played a better victim. Cynical? No, merely observing the manifest. We will never know the truth and are not intended to. Our emotions are being played with. The actors are not sympathetic, the rich, polished and stylishly coiffed woman who travels on vacation to exotic places versus the rich man who’s been keeping an appointment calendar since high school and swears he was a virgin far longer than is considered natural, a rich bitch and a stiff prig.

Government has many levels, and at this level, the hearing we are dealing with, is its lowest. They are the town criers. They haven’t formulated the message, they are incapable of it, most don’t have the intellect. They, like us, are being played by the message formulators, which gets us into other levels. So what’s this all about?

The real messenger is Donald Trump. He carries the word of the people. This country is in trouble and attention must be paid; a change is needed. The elites ensconced in their comfortable niches are shocked at this turn of events and become unbalanced, lunatic, and even dangerous. The criers dare not make a move else they will lose their good thing. You can’t stand too close to the pointillist painting or you don’t get the full picture. There are other messages too in the presentation, like the emasculating of men and the infantilizing of women. Take your pick, which plays better to your neurotic needs?

Below are my favorite curmudgeon, Steve R. Pieczenik, American writer, former US Department of State official, psychiatrist, and publisher’s comments on The SCOTUS Play,