The medium is the message 

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

Sun 6.3.18


Someone has recently posted that politics is the new religion, and in truth, politics is all you hear about in the media.  Yesteryears’ news programs have been replaced by gossip, opinion and offense; we are offended!  Whatever happens in this country and abroad is reflected through the eye of the presenting entity.  It undoubtedly has always been so just not to the extreme level it has reached.

Nearest I can figure, the elites, think of them in terms of the royal hereditary hierarchies of old with its princes, earls, marquis’, barons, dukes, the lords and seigneurs of the realm, and also for the court’s amusement, the performers, musicians, writers, painters, who have temporal influence conditioned on their ability to entertain, and are at the mercy of prevailing whims.  It was as likely back then for an untitled person to rise to fame and riches as it is for today’s pecunious peasant.  I’d say the cutoff is anyone owning less than 5 mil is a serf. It used to be that someone with a million had arrived, a millionaire.  Stakes are higher now.  Peasants?  Slaves really, they who through endless scurrying about to stay solvent, to afford the necessities of a modern economic system, support the lifestyle of the court’s denizens.  Louis Quatorze, Queen Victoria and the aristocracy lived lives of incomparable wealth and luxury, as is also true to this day.

The modern political religion is in full onslaught lately in fear of losing its adherents.  The peasants have revolted, not just here in America, but throughout the globe.  Countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, England, and even Iraq last week are experiencing voters who are not going along with the program, choosing inappropriate candidates.  Elites call this phenomenon which is actually democracy, populism.  The ravening hordes are having their say.

The media, i.e. TV, motion pictures, internet, radio, newspapers, publications are in the hands of neo-liberal elites who understand that they will lose power if action is not taken to suppress the peasant insurgency.  It has been shocking to see the limits they will go to suppress this movement which has elected a crude bully to represent them.  Of course he isn’t doing that, no president has that kind of power in Washington.  What he is doing which pleases the folks, is exposing the media’s agenda, sticking it to them. 

Roseanne Barr was fired this week.  This is a woman who scored an astounding 30 million viewers on her first comeback show.  She addresses the peasants’ situation.  ABC last week stated that her show next season would move away from politics and focus on family.  No, said Roseanne, were going to keep shining a light on what’s happening.  Roseanne is not toeing the line.  ABC tossed the biggest show they’ve ever had because she tweeted that Valerie Jarrett was a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes having a baby.  It was a stupid thing to write.  But worthy of cancelling her show, throwing countless people out of work, no.  

The shock troops of the elites are show biz folks, and those in the “news” media, the pundits, athletes.  As mentioned above, these folks, no matter how much money they have are peripheral to the court’s power, and can be easily displaced.  Look at the MeToo movement’s ability to destroy very powerful men in their midst.  They have set themselves up as the arbiters, the high priests of decency, morality, and righteousness.  They stand on their wobbly pedestal preaching to the peasants of the evil of guns while protected right and left by, yes, armed guards.  From their superior post they call out for open borders, against racism, violence, vulgarity of which their movies are full of.  They speak of a need for justice except when it comes to La Clinton.  They sermonize of environmental depredation and fly someone from halfway across the world to pluck their eyebrows.  Yet, they can’t even tell Harvey Weinstein to f--k off.  Pity the black person who falls for their song and dance believing those people have their back.  

Channing Dungey, President of ABC Entertainment explained that  "Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show."  There are other ways to handle such a situation, you sanction the person, you fine them serious money.  You don’t fire someone who is the darling of 30 million viewers, someone making you a lot of money, unless you have another agenda.  What is that agenda?  Controlling the peasants, choosing the message, and repeating over and over again.  On your knees peasants, we are the message.