the great unknown



Matt on YouTube makes videos asserting that we live in a matrix. Does he think there’s a moon? I don’t think so, at least not as it is currently characterized. The eclipse really irritates him. How can this be; it makes no sense at all! he hammers at his viewers, and he’s got some good points. He’s not impressed with the other planets either, and for sure, no one ever landed on the moon! His channel, Quantum of Conscience, has 10K subscribers. He is not alone, many others post similar ideas. 

You have the Mandela Effect folks who posit that some differences between one's  and the real world memories are caused by changes to past events in the timeline. Many Mandela Effect believers assert that it is caused by accidental travel between alternate universes, although some others propose that history has been deliberately altered after the fact by malicious extra-dimensional beings within the same timeline. I don’t know what causes the Mandela Effect, but I’ve had it happen to me several times. It didn’t strike me as some malicious mischief, but some kind of glitch, like the déjà vu phenomenon. Several times I have read an article, an essay, some polemic and later went back to it only to find what I thought I had remembered had not been written. That can happen, one expands on what’s being read in one’s mind. It might happen once or twice, but afterward one becomes more careful, especially for a writer, and then it happens again. I did notice that pieces of missing script clinched the author’s viewpoint, his/her stance, and that was why I had taken the trouble to go back to the piece of writing.

Of course, you have the flat earth folks who cast a jaundiced eye on our assumption that we inhabit a spherical world. A hundred years from now, or maybe more, our thoughts on these matters will be looked at by future humans and AI’s as crackpot anthropomorphism. Einstein believed we could travel in time; he also believed in a unified theory, which to my way of thinking makes sense. Everything is interconnected, one need only find the code to see how it all works. 

Do I believe like Matt that there is a power ruling over us? That’s not a new story, religions have been telling us that all along. God created the universe. On a lower level, there most certainly is a matrix controlling and enslaving human beings. This we have always known about rulers and governments since they were first created. We are used for their purposes till we are no longer of value.

What I know of existence is that human beings are very limited. What glimpses I have had of the larger picture is so alien and incomprehensible that I will leave you with a vision to give you some idea of what is behind the curtain. In it, I fly with an eagle by my side, I was about to write ‘in the sky,’ but it isn’t a puffy clouds, blue ceiling. I am flying in a void with no top, bottom or sides and no possibility of a safe landing, nothing to grasp or hold on to for balance, and that is how one finds the key Einstein was looking for to uncover the interconnectivity of the cosmos. 

The price one pays for looking behind the curtain is not for the faint of heart.