the gender parameters



Sun 2.25.18


 I find it interesting that the runic predictions this week elaborate on the masculine and feminine aspects of self.  I had a dream last night about a dress, 3 women, and having to choose the appropriate woman to wear the dress.  National societies like to play with these aspects of self.  Boys and young men are pure masculine as are girls and young women pure feminine.  Does the word feminine sound twee?  Masculine sound too tough?  Send those guys straight to the military, and the girls, little flowers should learn to play the piano to entertain us; they’re so lovely!. 

Then sex enters the scene on a steady basis and one develops an accommodation to the other gender.  Some of this can be pretty rocky depending on one’s upbringing.  Many people can spend their lives in opposition to the other, the women haters, the ball busters.  Society weighs in heavily on what is considered masculine or feminine and what it wants to emphasize.

      Not all societies are macho; the Scandinavian countries, China, Canada, Cuba, and also Russia seek to achieve a balance with varying degrees of success.  Unlike our society, citizens in the named countries all receive medical care provided by state. 

      Marriage is the great leveler.  She’s not impressed with his bullying and he’s doesn’t think much of her helpless girly routine.  How does one change; what causes you to change?  After hitting your head against that wall enough times you come to understand you are unbalanced.  Men get it both ways in our society, they live in a macho culture that idealizes ruthless men who win at all costs, but belittles them at every count with endless grinding duties which serve no purpose other than to humiliate, to be made to bow and scrape, and snivel.

      And what of the women in America?  Hillary was right, part of the reason she wasn’t elected is because she’s a woman.  Women get very little slack in our society.  Unwilling to show any softness and vulnerability for fear of being labeled weak, feminine, she played by the predominant macho rules of her culture throughout her life and she got badly shafted for it.  All in all, the public was presented with two unfinished candidates, neither of which can show any gentleness and sensitivity.  As one gets older as these two are, a maturation and deep respect for the other gender and what they have to offer comes to the fore.  What you hope is a part of self what you bring to your exchanges with others.

      Our society at this time, if you listen to the loud divided voices, speaks like a burlesque of the male female principle of universe.