The Donald’s 1st Year


Sun 11.6.17,

The Donald’s 1st Year:

      He’s rude, bombastic, a thin-skinned bully and, our very own president.  Every day we hear from those with a public platform what a disgrace he is to the country.  Nobody ever asks why this guy was elected.  They’re not ready to face that yet.  Hillary said it was because of all the cretins in this country who should have stayed home on election day. 

People go to the polls with some hope of improving their situation and that of the country, primarily.

      Why is that question not seriously being addressed?  Most people who voted for Donald knew precisely what they were getting, and a lot of it wasn’t going to be pleasant.  But Donald is a businessman, a winner, you may say what you want about him, but he’s a lot richer, prouder of his achievements, and more successful than most.  So the guy must be doing something right.

      There is no doubt, and the research substantiates it, that the press, the MSM, were against him from the start.  The attacks have toned down somewhat of late, but are still prevalent.  A lot of it can be attributed to the president’s in-your-face personality.  He brings it on, and encourages it when it’s to his advantage.  It motivates his supporters to stand by him, defend him.  The Tweets work.  No member of the House of Representatives or the Senate would have survived the attacks hurled at Trump.  Their careers would be over.  Donald will go places, say politically incorrect things that politicians would not dare.  I have admired his refusal to be bullied; he cannot be cornered by virtue signalers.

      When he first took office, Donald attempted peace making gestures with opponents, a bad move with the piranhas in DC.  This was followed by his replacement of quite a few people on his team; was he going to be able to pull this off?  And then the campaign promises were not being followed.  Trump, the candidate said the foreign wars were killing us financially and he would put an end to it.  He has not done that, but rather is expanding conflicts.  The immigration situation in this country has been chaotic for decades, a political football that DC likes to toss back and forth when in need of a cause to hide their nefarious doings.  A wall will not solve that problem, though Trump promised to build one.  Money has now been appropriated and at some future date there may or my not be a wall.  Mexico doesn’t appear ready to pay for it.  He has, and continues to restrict immigration from countries we are at war with, or in the process of starting one at a future date.

      NATO was outdated and should be abolished, he said.  Has not happened, quite the opposite.  He did get member states to pony up their share of the money for defense.  Trump has been unable to repeal Obamacare; not totally his fault.  Republicans have been talking about cutting it for 8 years and in all that time no plan was formulated on how to do it.  Trump’s solution was to issue a directive ending a subsidy that will kill the insurance. 

      The deep state, that is ‘the military/intelligence community,’ and their vassals, industry, congress, press, and MSM, appear to have had influence on the president’s ability to act.  A safe bet is that Donald was notified that he would remain in office only so long as their war plans continue to unfold.  To be sure, the era of manufacture is over.  Bringing factories back from other countries will not solve the problem.  American workers do not want to enter a wage war with 3rd world countries.  Manufacture is more and more looking to robotics. Owing to Trump’s monumental ego, he will not leave office without giving full effort to improving the country’s finances.

      In the meantime, the USA has become completely unhinged, the whites, the blacks, Antifa, the supremacists, the DNC, Donna Brasile, Mueller, the Russians, Hollywoodians.  Donald’s two noteworthy achievements to date are, the lessening of MSM power.  Most Americans, no matter what position they fall on in the political spectrum, do not give them much credence anymore.  The Hollywoodization of America, the virtue signaling, the political correctness is fading.  Surely someone on team Trump had a hand in the current sexual finger pointing in that industry making a mockery of their righteous speeches.

      To answer the unasked question of the reason for Trump’s accession to the presidency . . . it’s the country’s precarious economy.  Wages, salaries have not kept up with the price of goods and have been declining for the past 20 years.  The bankers’ financialization solution was indebtedness, a renter society maintained by loans, student loans, car loans, home mortgages, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  The worst being the student loan, which restrains major consumers of goods for 10, 15 years from purchasing needed products.  Fabricated economic reports out of Washington are not hiding the truth from the downwardly mobile middleclass.  In an effort to remain the world’s dominant power, deep state is bleeding the country dry.  It appears the country is on the cusp of an economic revolution.  The present system no longer works and as always, those in charge are the last to figure it out.  Donald Trump’s presidency is its messenger.