that oughta do it!


Sun 1.21.18

Ah, the troubles! Brings to mind the curse, May you live in interesting times. The women are out today wearing their pink pussy hats and letting the country know that Donald Trump should never have been born, that the U.S. must put an end to their having to put up with lecherous men, and that racism is rampant, caused primarily by white men. These are, according to them, the worst of times. They bleed for the Hispanics, the Muslims, the blacks. They want their right to make decisions about their bodies respected. They speak a bit about equal pay, but not with the fervor they expend on America's victims, the serving class. Virtue signaling takes precedence. 

I read an article on Drudge, I forget the source, about Michael Douglas' development executive, Susan Braudy's allegations that the actor harassed her, had a potty mouth, told dirty stories, and once masturbated in her presence, etc. Up front, I have a positive impression of Michael because of the many fine films he's performed in that I've enjoyed. From an artistic family of actors, he comes across as a cocky guy who takes care of business, and gets the job done. And he's sexy! If the man offends you, quit the job, Susan. He hasn't crossed boundaries, touched, fondled or raped you. You are working out of his home, of course he's going to speak more freely to friends and acquaintances. 

Most of victimology cannot be addressed in the courts. Blacks complain they're not included in the American Dream yet they are not interested in assimilating. They rightly prefer their own nourishing culture and ergo are a sketchy candidate for inclusion into mainstream culture. All those images you see of the gang with some blacks amongst the whites are mostly fictional fantasies. Cultures stick to their kind. It's not racism, but kinfolk.

The women who are out protesting the ban on allowing foreigners from Arab countries immigrating into the U.S. have not once in the past 15 years, and still do not raise any objection to the horrors their government continues to inflict on Muslims with its endless Middle Eastern wars, the torture, the drones, Guantanamo, the total destruction of their cities, towns, villages, the millions of refugees, the drownings at sea, desperate people awash in foreign countries whose populace despises them. Where are the pink pussy hats when Muslims seriously need a voice?

I like white men, and I like them sexy. Surely, unwise for a culture to mock white masculinity as the "me too" movement seems bent on. One does not get power by denigrating the potent. The women in Hollywood have powerful unions to protect them and have the tools to do it. The problem is that power has its price. Ms. Braudy worked many years for Michael Douglas, an important, creative and undoubtedly well- paying job. Power is attained when you tell the boss his language is offensive to you. You stand up for yourself, and then you deal with the consequences, of possibly getting fired, or entering into another phase of the boss/employee relationship, which is unbalanced to start with. A great many women did not turn down Weinstein's offer when it was proffered. I do not judge these women. Were I a creative, talented actress and Harvey offered to open the door for me, a door I had been unsuccessfully knocking on for a long time well, who knows? But then one can't become a victim having made a perfectly reasonable choice under the circumstance. Unpleasant? Yes, but part of the deal. 

Never fear folks help is on the way. Stormy Daniels, the woman recently exposed for having serviced the Donald, is embarking on a Make America Horny Again tour. That oughta do it!