support the cave


  If you’ll notice this week, I’ve added another podcast, Luhrenloup’s Path.  Much easier to create this time, took a couple of hours, most of it searching the web for intro and outro music.  After I record a couple more podcasts I will send them out to sponsoring sites . . . if they’ll have me.  (Apple actually makes you correct swear words!)  I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of censoring goes on via the internet’s mega programming sites.  One has to shop for like-minded people.

      The “DONATE to Support Luhrenloup’s Cave” addition?  Let’s pretend it’s always been there.  I could never work for others because I am not comfortable acknowledging what I’m worth and would never ask for a raise.  I was brought up by nuns.  Humility, they said,  You’re nothing special.,  be humble, and be glad for what you get.  I’ve had this site for over 20 years, the thought of inflicting my readers with advertisements is anathema.  The ads are ugly and deface whatever ambience you are trying to create. I wouldn’t do that.  I didn’t even place an ugly PayPal logo to click on, just the word DONATE which leads you to my account.  So, I’m here, hat in hand, please donate. The nuns were wrong, it’s not about pushing oneself forward; it’s about the work, which is interesting or you wouldn’t be here.  The cost of programs, the needed software, sponsoring sites, it all adds up.  Thanks!

Postscript: I’ve removed the Donate button because I couldn’t figure a way of adding the button so it didn’t look awful, but I’ll think of something at some point.