slugs v warriors


Sun 3.25.18

      My personal power at this late hour is waning.  I have been at my desk for two days and two nights solid futzing.  I changed the slugs on my website pages in order to make them friendlier to search engines.  A slug for the blessedly ignorant is the tail of your particular website page url.  The slug on the page you are on presently,, are the words after the forward slash.  You don’t know the fun that awaited me after I changed all the page slugs.  Nothing worked.  I pretty much have most everything under control, but I haven’t yet figured out the page background colors and the videos don’t work.  I leave you with a few wise words from Castaneda’s Don Juan:

For a warrior, to be harmonious is to flow, not to stop in the middle of the current and try to make a space of artificial and impossible peace. He knows that he can only give the very best of himself under conditions of maximum tension.

Ask yourselves these questions: What am I doing with my life? Does it have a purpose? Is it tight enough? A warrior accepts his destiny, whatever it may be.

A warrior knows that what gives sense to his life is the challenge of death, and death is a personal matter. It is a challenge for each one of us, and one which only sincere warriors accept.

We are beings who are going to die. We were programmed to live like beasts, carrying loads of customs and other people’s beliefs until the very end; but we can change all that! The freedom which the warrior’s way offers us is within the reach of your hand; take advantage of it!

The tragedy of today’s man is not his social condition, but the lack of will to change himself.

Sorcerers say that true rebellion, and humanity’s only way out as a species, is to stage a revolution against their own stupidity. As you can understand, this is solitary work.

The goal of sorcerers is this sorcerers’ revolution: The unrestricted unfolding of all our perceptual possibilities. Don Juan demonstrated that it is possible!

I cannot guide you, but I can put you in front of an abyss which will test all your abilities. It depends on you, whether you hurl yourself off it to fly, or run to hide in the security of your routines.

After experimenting for millennia with situations that alter our ways of perceiving the world, the sorcerers from ancient Mexico discovered a portentous fact: We are not forced to live in a single reality, because the universe is constructed according to very fluid principles which can accommodate almost infinite forms, producing countless ranges of perception.

Don Juan claimed that what limits human perception is timidity. To be able to manage the world which surrounds us, we have had to give up our perceptual gift; that is, the possibility of witnessing everything. We sacrifice the flight of awareness in exchange for the security of the known. We can live strong, audacious, healthy lives; we can be impeccable warriors; but we don’t dare!