Short Videos



    Short videos to munch this holiday weekend. See if you can catch my hidden message in the assortment, then what is at stake in them. You can post your answers below (not to worry, you will not be put on any list):

The first one is a commercial for Ramadan 2018. Although it’s been viewed by millions upon millions of people throughout the world, the US seems to find it of little interest:


Here’s another informative beauty buried in the mass of videos one finds on Youtube that you might not stumble across:,


 To get the flavor of this next video and what’s actually being presented, I find it best to view it with the sound off:


And lastly, the video below comes from a channel entitled My Self Reliance with multiple videos on Youtube. It’s a look at reality, integrity, contentment so severely lacking in our mad world of late. It helps to balance me:,