Sex and the Matrix


Sun 12.3.17


      The matrix seeks only and always to maintain itself and to expand.  It’s an organizational system that optimizes productivity.  We, as performing units of production in this system, which I call the matrix, must work at peak efficiency to maintain it, and expand it.  Otherwise we are expendable.

      Leafing through the NY Times, a paper I don’t read anymore because they’ve become a sort of slick magazine, qua Vanity Fair and not a national newspaper.  It labors to form people’s attitudes.  They and their brothers and sisters have brought political correctness to its ultimate nadir.  PC is a deadly controlling mechanism.  If you are not PC than you are expendable.  A good example of PC control occured in the recent sexual harassment revelations about Harvey Weinstein.  A few days ago, Pam Anderson stated that going to a hotel room at night, being greeted by someone in a bathrobe and not leaving implicates the ‘victim’.  Similar statements or objective comments were made by Donna Karan, Lindsay Lohan, Woody Allen, and others.  These people or their agents quickly retracted those words.

      Pressure is brought to bear on those who are not acquiescing to the main storyline.  Part of that story is that women are victims, disrespected at will by men.  But a more insidious one is that sex is a commodity.  This is energy that feeds the matrix.  Have you noticed how cheap sex has become.  Gays now join the army and get married.  To be queer years ago was the purview of artists, writers, musicians, dancers, intellectuals.  Gays are everywhere now and undoubtedly read the NY Times.

      In the past 3 years we have been made aware of transgendered people, this undoubtedly miniscule group is now the symbol of gender fluidity.  They demand their bathrooms; their gender dysphoria is being taught in schools as something common to our species.  I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, I’m merely pointing out the peculiarity of how in 3 years’ time this small minority has become the focus, the preoccupation of our time.  Trump, became aware that some transgendered individuals were joining the military to have it pay for their costly sex change operations and moved to bar them from joining up.  In an inexplicable response the military, who one would think would be in favor of not being saddled with inappropriate candidates, opposed the president’s edict.

      What’s with the focus on sexuality lately and what direction is it moving us?  How is sexuality relevant to the matrix and how does it maintain or expand the system?  What’s its value?  As I’ve stated before, matrices do collapse and are replaced with corrected programs.  But not by humans who are merely its tools, its units of production.  Sex as a commodity robs the individual of its special magic, its power, its life enhancing effects, and feeds it to the matrix.