Have you seen Justin Timberlake's new video This is it folks, we are looking at our replacements. Twenty five years from now, they will be doing much of the work for industries, in services, military. They will be specialists in every field of endeavor, designed as such. Scary thought. This brings back memories of when personal computers and the Internet were first introduced. I knew immediately a revolution was at hand. Computers would create a new world, a new way of being.

So it is with robots. We can assume they will be marshaled to do a lot of onerous work like collecting garbage, working in mines, in poisonous (to humans) locations. Say, an atom bomb is dropped on Texas. Robots could go there, clean it up and start the restoration process for when humans would be able to safely return. A little off- putting when you consider the military options of making an enemy's land holdings uninhabitable for the next 15 years.

It's been said over and over, that this or that object, program, utility was work saving. One would not have to work as hard because of the tractor, the vacuum cleaner, the car, but doesn't happen. As it happens, we work harder and longer than hunters and gatherers did. Men and women work as hard now as they ever did. Parkinson's Law. The matrix feeds on energy. Our economy feeds on energy, our human energy. The paper and coin fiat money is backed by our work output. Without it the economy collapses and the fiat money is worthless.

Robots will feed the matrix with their work energy. What happens to humans then? More and more in present society is the ongoing isolation of humans from one another. I've pointed to the deterioration of sexual intimacy in past essays where sex has become a weapon, a tool, with constant talk of trannys, pedophiles, harassers, rapists, Satanists. In other areas there is the nuclear family, the commonplace of divorce, children leaving home as soon as law permits, the electronic gadgets. 

In former times, large families were the norm and grown children remained at home till they married. It was commonplace for an aunt, uncle and or grandparents to be part of the home. This is no longer the case because it is not economically advantageous to the matrix. The isolated individual is unencumbered and motivated to expend more energy, to work harder and longer, to spend more. So now the robots, how do we evolve once they lift our current burden? Perhaps the species will contract, minimizes childrearing as exacting robotics devalue imperfect human energy. There would be time for intimacy. 

Best we heed Elon Musk's warning about the robots, though. It's not unforeseeable to imagine robots with their rational algorithmic minds to perceive humans as defective products to destroy.