7. Dreams

Crazy Horse once said, “One day I will leave this world and dream myself to reality.” What is the dream and what role does it play in one’s life. How to interpret the stories that unfold in the night.

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6. Past Lives

what is awareness, existence? There are no words to accurately describe it. This episode is on the topic of reincarnation, starting a new life in a different body, what Buddhism refers to as, the Saṃsara doctrine of cyclic existence.

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5. Vision Quest III

The last Vision Quest episode finds Luhren at her site in the woods on the last night of her ritual.  She experiences another vision that completes her transition to a more expanded consciousness.  On the next day she reenters a world she hardly recognizes.

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4. Vision Quest II

In this second of 3 podcasts of Vision Quest,

Luhren has entered the woods, begun her fast

and within a few days she has a vision . . .

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3. Vision Quest

On this and the following two podcasts, I will recount the experience of a Vision Quest.  At a point in my life after the divorce and my daughter making her own way I sold my home and left that world behind.  I decided to go on a Vision Quest as preparation for the path I was to take.  In such a ritual a person separates herself from the everyday life, fasts and purifies herself, seeking a spiritual connection, and hopefully a vision that will guide her on her path.  It’s a powerful experience that attracts psychic forces to oneself.  You let go of your tenacious grip on life and open yourself up to this force.  Afterward, what   happened will take time to unfold,œ your perception of life and your role in it completely  changes

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2. Luhrenloup’s Path

For the past few centuries, humankind has turned its back on non-rational ways of perceiving.  There are many names attached to this area of human experience, shamanic, psychic, mystical. This other way of perceiving is at odds with the rational world and is rightly seen as a threat.   Yet it is here, a part of every human being's experiences.

 My gift is easily lost; the everyday life overwhelms it. Seeing is about pulling the mask off, and truly being there at the moment, its that part of self that you understand as ancient, has always been, will always be, the one who knows you, the totality of you.

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