on the positive side



Sun 7.8.18


      On the positive side:

Political correctness is seriously getting its comeuppance.

1) Brendan Straka, the NY hair stylist, a lifelong liberal, starts a #WalkAway movement from the democrat party for its virtue signaling hypocrisy and hate filled incitements,



2) The bully who stole a teen’s MAGA hat and threw a drink in his face is fired from his job and he is arrested, https://downtrend.com/donn-marten/bully-who-stole-teens-maga-hat-at-whataburger-arrested/


3) Wisconsin Prof, John McAdams wins lawsuit against Marquette U which fired him for his conservative views. He gets his job back and is awarded back pay.  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-07-06/wisconsin-supreme-court-sides-conservative-professor-landmark-free-speech-case/


4) House repub, Andy Biggs introduces a measure to censure Maxine Waters for urging attacks on Trump’s team.  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/06/27/gop_rep_andy_biggs_introduces_bill_to_censure_maxine_waters.html/


5) The pipe wielding Antifa guy out to knock heads at a conservative rally get knocked out cold with one fist blow.  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-07-03/conservatives-mock-resistance-second-civil-war-letters-after-portland-antifa-goes/


The Waning Middle Class

      I posted the above information on someone’s blog.  The blogger’s negative assessment of the country’s direction I believed was incorrect.  The people’s subjugation via political correctness is being exposed for the control mechanism that it is.  And it’s not working, Hollywood may moan and cry, accuse President Trump of Hitlerism, but it has not overturned the demand to Build That Wall and Trump voters still root for their man.  I was surprised to read that some blacks applauded Trump’s decision to end affirmative action college admission quotas.  They’ve figured that graduating from a school that you were accepted to because of a quota system will be seen as a free pass to something you’re not entitled to.  And that is no favor.

      The factories are long gone and they are not coming back.  This information has taken a long time to gain acknowledgement.  America is tightening its belt, an unpleasant fact for the elites who still cling to a fantasy America that probably never existed.  There is talk of a second civil war -- not going to happen.  To be sure, some will be killed before a measure of calm is achieved; it’s expected and planned for.  Police have been upgraded to military style equipment for just this purpose.  They could see it coming.

      Why do I see this in a positive light?  Once you know the man behind the curtain can’t help get you back to Kansas you are able to devise your own plans on getting back home.  The people in DC have no solution and no part to play in bringing about this change, especially not Trump who doubled the estate tax exemption from $5.49 mil to $11.18 mil, thus ensuring that money remains firmly lodged in the 1% coffers.

      No advanced country can survive without a middle class.  The country either plummets to irrelevance or, develops a way to maintain its middle class base, which pays the bulk of taxes in America. 

      Socialism anyone?

the Waning Middle Class

the Waning Middle Class