officially 1984



     The religions have had their holidays these past few weeks.  Of the 3, I would say Muslims are undoubtedly the most observant.  The Jews break up in two camps, the Orthodox, very observant, and the secular who identify as racial rather than religious.  The Christians are not very observant, but Identify as such. 

      During their time of Passover, the Jews of Israel have been killing unarmed, defenseless Palestinians for protesting.  The Easter Christians of France, England and the US were said to have attacked Syria, a country with a majority of Muslims who were celebrating Laylat al Mi’raj on Friday the 13th and were the recipients of Christian righteousness.  The comparison of religion to acts of war isn’t quite kosher (pun intended) is it?  This never-ending slaughter gets to me; the hypocrisy and pretense overwhelms and sarcasm ameliorates it.

      The pretense has reached such levels that we are now officially into 1984.  We all know about the false flags, the jokes about finding Mohammed Atta’s passport in the rubble of 9/11, or the doctors at Parkland Hospital claiming that a shot had hit President Kennedy from the front, before they were told in no uncertain terms that they were mistaken.  Several of the last shoot-em ups have survivors talking about men dressed in black as hitmen.  Repeating false flag, false flag, is kind of smart-ass – I know what’s going on.  No, you don’t, not one bit!  We may try to guess the motives behind these staged events, but we are not invited to that table.  And to be honest, some of this stuff is pretty horrific, and it feels a lot better playing the armchair savant than carrying the weight you see on the pasty faced, bug eyed hollow men who give us the “official” story.

      This weekend was especially Orwellian with Mad Dog Mattis announcing that all targets had been successfully reached, and then the Syrian people dancing in the street celebrating their having dodged the bullet.  There were no pictures of major devastations.  Then you have Yulia Scripal, supposed victim of novochok nerve agent, out of the hospital, but unseen, with plans afoot to disappear her in some protection program.  It’s already been uncovered that the poison is not novochok from Russia but an American/British concoction.  It will undoubtedly be found that the Syrians were not poisoned by Assad’s men; it doesn’t matter.  There will be no apology no reparations, the message stands.  We will do with you as we please, and no one’s to stop us. 

      Out my window presently are a couple of mallard ducks, male and female.  They come to visit in the spring.  I went out and left bread crumbs for them and am touched by how the male stands guard while the female eats, every time.  I haven’t seen him eat yet.  What does the scene have to do with 1984?  Nothing really, except that there is still honor and integrity in the world.