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I was surprised to find that a lot of my readers are techies.  I consider myself two notches above the unsophisticated, those who have never been beyond the door that leads to the internet’s engine room, so barely able to find my way in the dark.  So techie readers, welcome aboard.  If you see anything that could be improved on the site, let me know, I’m all for improvements.  I’ve been cleaning house all morning, i.e. the Journal Archives parlor; I’ve finally completed adding the last category and tag signifiers to each of the past posts.  I’ve also shortened the excerpts, and the parlor looks much neater for of it.

Do you know that when you change websites you lose count of all the readers for your postings on the old site.  People are still reading those posts, but Squarespace, the new site, does not inform me through its analytics, of the fact.  It was a shock to see my viewer audience reduced by 3 quarters.  It will take a few years of posted essays to build up the new audience.

I could add Webalizer, the free Web Server Log File Analysis Program, (mouthful of a subtitle) which I imagine would record, not just my Squarespace entries, but also my other work floating around the super-highway.  I’ll have to look into it because I need my strokes.  I want to know what pleases you.  Google gives me free analytics, like what tags work best to attract readers, so I downloaded the program.  I’ve also received after one month with them more detailed information on a variety of matrixes.  Is that a freebie, will I have to pay for the next one?  To tell you the truth, I find little use for the tags offered.  I’m not going to add tags not appropriate to content and I’m not interested in attracting everybody to my site, just those appropriate for it.  On that note, for the viewers who look at a page of narration and their eyes glaze over, I will shortly add a podcast link to my Journal and/or other writings.

, I have found my song this summer on the internet’s front room: https://www.youtube.com/wat?v=otna9Pe3jWg, Daddy Cool by Boney M.  It’s an old recording, 1976, and has been viewed by 100 million people.  Check out the women, they are so funky, and Boney looks like a contortionist.  Guaranteed, The music will get you moving.  

I also recommend this article by Caitlin Johnstone, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-12/caitlin-johnstone-12-tips-making-sense-world (you might have to drag it up to the menu bar) as a corrective to MSM's virtual reality.