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Sun 6.24.18


      Cranky day, folks.  I had a bike accident yesterday, a bad one.  I land against a stone wall, my hat goes flying over the it, my face smashed against the stones and bad pain in the left leg and knee.  A little bit in shock from the slam, I don’t realize my glasses are gone till I get home and it hits me that I can’t read the medicine bottle.  I walk back to the scene of the accident, about a mile away, can’t find them.  I’m in horrible pain and I have to walk back home.  I sleep for maybe 2 hours doped up on a couple Excedrin PM’s and this morning decide to go back to the scene with a rake.  I finally uncover my $700 glasses, but the frame is broken in such a way that it is not reparable.  I will need to have them sent to the company in California, which means 2 weeks without my glasses, and it’s going to cost a chunk.  And my left leg, from my toes up to my spinal cord are throbbing.  So as the man said, I AM MAD AS HELL, AND I WON’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

      Have you noticed how people have gone completely mad?  I have to be cautious when booting up the computer, a wrong click can expose me to the deranged zombie world we presently find ourselves in.  Prominent among them are the NPC’s of which I have spoken about in a former post, .  These people don’t seem to have the most basic of filters and swallow whole hog what the media presents.  Seeing that England refused to have the Skripal poisoning incident investigated by an outside source and immediately blamed the Russians doesn’t turn the light on for them.  The Russians did it!  These people are in a little box, and not just politically.  They have the correct answer for every facet of their life, completely programmed.  These are the folks in social media spewing hateful garbage just for the hell of it. (Their life is boring.)

      Have you assumed these are the dummies?  We have crackpots at every notch of the intelligence scale.  Think of the elites who somehow, convinced of their superiority because of the grotesque amount of money they have committed their lives to accumulating, gives them the right to tell people how to think, feel and act on all manner of subjects.  I call these people the Delusionals.  Unlike their brethren the NPC’s (they would be highly insulted to be compared to this other group, but are too polite to express it, except Hillary who said they were deplorable) they have filters that protect them from their dark side.  They couch their pronouncements in benevolence.  We only want to do good, advance humanity’s well-being.  We are compassionate in our words, thoughts and actions.  Hollywood has a major constituency of Delusionals, and also the politicians who end up believing what they cooked up behind the scenes.  Delusionals are vicious, greedy aggressors when blocked.  Hollywood lost its gig of attaching glamor to the presidency and political functions when the uncouth Trump came to power -- Check out the person you hate and you will find, if you are honest with yourself, that what is repulsive about that person has a strong hold on you. 

      Trump’s major interest in life is making money and acquiring power, anything that interferes is eliminated or rendered impotent, as is true of the Delusionals.  You do not get to be a major Hollywood movie star by being a compassionate human being.  Compassionate is bullshit, empathy is where its at.  One helps others because one has experienced a part of their suffering.  It has nothing to do with compassion.  Ask anyone who’s snatched someone from the grips of death.  They were not thinking of the kindness they were rendering, and are embarrassed when they are seen as heroes.  Unless one has been jostled about by life one is incapable of empathy, is the underlying maxim here.  I am currently reading the Baron Guy de Rothschild’s memoir; it should be required reading for those who lust after riches.  Boring, meaningless life of acquisition elevated to the status of religion.

      Next on my list of brain addled human beings are the academic intellectuals, the Pedants.  I had the temerity to offer up the opinion that Ice T’s album, OG Original Gangster, was on a footing with Shakespeare’s work.  I especially liked the cut, New Jack Hustler,  This went over like excrement on an ice cream cone.  Art is not polite.  The Pedants’ filter because of the tenure position, infantilizes its recipients and separates them from the hurly burly of life.  They are soldiers in the field of idealism who seek only perfection and excellence.  It is no accident that soldiers are named “infantry”.  Pedant filters prevent these people from seeing the silliness and impracticality of their pronouncements; they are the high priests and priestesses of absurdity.  Safe rooms to protect students from unappetizing ideas?  Get real!!!  Sally Mae is coming, how’s that for a mean spirited thought.

      That’s my list of people the world needs a safe room from.  What’s yours?