McCabe, christmas and santa


Sun 3.17.18


      McCabe, Christmas and Santa are rolling around in my head.  Let’s start with McCabe who is being soundly kicked in the derriere (I would have said ass, but who knows these days what offends.  I got a review of a product I bought on Amazon rejected because I used the word killer, as in, This is a killer lamp that will look great in my gazebo.  We are being watched folks, and scolded,) this week, and he rightly deserves it.  Most of the top agents in the FBI have broken the law repeatedly by going outside their role mandating the detection and prosecution of crimes against the United States, with the authority and responsibility to investigate specific crimes.  Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page were engaged in manipulation of the political system.  But, what’s happening to McCabe is not OK.  That he gets the shaft on the day before retirement kicks in is schadenfreude.  It isn’t about the law, FBI rules or justice.  As it happens, he did break the law lying to Congress, a crime worthy of 5 years imprisonment.  That’s not going to happen.  What happens in DC stays in DC.  They are not about to start arresting people in the inner circle thus setting a dangerous precedent that could capture the lot of them in its net.

      What is truly bizarre is that the Comey gang believes in its innocence.  Yes, President Trump, Comey is a sanctimonious prig!  He who had absolved La Clinton of any criminal wrong-doing before he even interviewed her has no right to claim virtuosity.  There is not a single shred of paper, or so much as a Textedit memo about that crucial interview.  That McCabe does not mention the money his wife accepted from La Clinton while he was making decisions about her criminality in his latest statement about his innocence is a major omission.  And to be sure there’s a lot more we don’t know.  A current trend in politics is to openly suggest of one’s opponent that bad things could happen to them, others might seek payback, such as agencies, power brokers.

      We are dealing with a broken system whose agents have lost respect for its fundamental principles.


      There’s a fellow on Youtube comparing Santa to Satan.  He believes that Santa is Satan and goes on to make connections such that both are associated by the color red, that both use fire, Santa slides down the chimney into a roaring fire, that both encourage profligacy, overindulgence, and so forth.  Most responded to this video by going along with the Santa denunciation.   

Whoa!  I love Santa.  I responded to the presenter by stating that at one time, humans living on earth based their knowledge of the world on the planets, the seasons, the animal world and magic. They created rituals to honor these phenomenon that profoundly affected their lives as they saw themselves as part of the earth, its children, and mythologized their world as we all do. Government then was more of a hit or miss situation, but as population expanded a need for control was served by religions that set about appropriating the pagan fetes, rituals, celebrations, the equinoxes, the moon cycles, the solstices. Elders, tribal medicine men and women were tortured and killed in the Inquisition. Unfortunately, their knowledge and wisdom died with them.

Humans no longer live on earth, or very few do. We live in contrived systems that deny the power of mythology. Christmas now is the canary in the mine of our economic system.  The day itself is an excessive overgorgement of meaningless claptrap. Santa has always been my favorite mythological character, but the system has no use for his good will to all, his generosity of spirit anymore. We look to Scrooge, and getting what's ours. Christmas was never the horror it has become with people getting killed at Walmart over a toaster oven or a WiFi wireless.

      Once you lose generosity of spirit, and you cast aside the rule of law your world becomes meaningless.  You will justify anything, any disrespect, any theft, any cruelty, any killing.  

The dynamics are fear versus love.