Luhrenloup's Cave
Wolf, Loup, Vision Quest

Luhrenloup's Path

Manifestation of the Spirit

She was a very unhappy eighteen year old married girl with a baby. Her marriage was on the verge of collapse when she had a strange, incomprehensive dream. An eagle appeared at the top of her refrigerator. It did not talk to her, but somehow transmitted information that she belonged to it and it was the ruler of her life. Luhren was a headstrong girl and did not appreciate hearing that she was ruled by another. She didn't understand the dream, but knew it was important.

Years later, in her thirties she came upon Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan. The dream seemed to be related to this sorcerer's teachings. Again, she went back into the fog, but not completely. She wrote down her dreams religiously and bought all of CC's books as they came out. Still not connecting to it. Fascinating account, is how she categorized it.

The Knock of the Spirit

Then, again at another turning point in her life (her daughter going off to college) she had another dream. This time a sorcerer appeared and it seemed he had been taking notes on her life. She was flattered that he saw her inconsequential life as worthy of note. This man had tremendous power; she was terrified. He was able to transcend time, space, even corporeality. First thing she knew she was lying in bed naked and he was on top of her. He stroked all of her body, but not in a sexual manner. A big black panther lay on the floor next to them and slid its tail between her legs. The old man sat up on top of her and pointed to a piano, I have not been able to play in a long time, he said. She reached up and stroked his steel gray hair.

This dream occurred an hour after she fell asleep and it woke her. So frightened, she was beside herself, running through the rooms putting the lights on, convinced he was nearby. She was finally able to allay her fears somewhat by getting in a warm bath. The dream led her to ask serious questions about the "music" she was producing in life.

The Descent of the Spirit

At another time on the way to a vision quest, she stopped to camp at an abandoned logging site and had a most eerie feeling that the sorcerer was nearby. She had been thinking about the problem of chatter in her head and how it protects her from coming face to face with the unknown. Shortly after bedtime, she was awakened by the heavy rain collapsing the tent on her. Luhrenloup had had a dream in which she was asked to produce a picture of herself for her driver's license, but she couldn't seem to find any photo of herself without another person in the picture. In the morning, she awoke to find her car had a flat tire and the battery was dead (a new car). Luhren had come to the end of the road. Since then she marshalls her small bundle of energy and tries to follow the sorcerer's path to freedom.