Karpman Drama triangle


 Sun 9.9.18


I’ve just finished the Rolling Stone/Jann Wenner biography and what I come away with in the near 50 year period that has followed the inception of the 60’s magazine with its celebration of rock and roll, psychedelics, and the youth movements of feminists, blacks, anti-war, pro-sex, gays, campus takeovers, its search of mind expansion, its ideal of returning to the land, is the oppression we live under.  We are in an internal state of war, shouted at from all sides.  People are destroyed on a daily basis for what they think and espouse.  We are surveilled on the street by CCTV cameras, tracked by our cell phones, our conversations are recorded, every stroke on the keyboard, every purchase, every book read, every photo taken, every doctor seen, every prescription med filled, it’s all recorded 

How many men’s career have been destroyed by accusations over incidents that occurred decades ago and are by this time unprovable.  Ridiculous accusations, He masturbated in front of me. Walk away for heaven’s sake, the man can’t masturbate and hold you down at the same time.  People are urged to accost others who don’t hold the same beliefs they have.  Trump is a monster and we must get rid of him, we must get rid of ICE which is oppressing and maltreating immigrants, there should be open borders for anyone seeking entry.  People are paid to create havoc at congressional hearings, a secret cabal in government is seeking to entrap the president, presidential assassination is portrayed regularly in the media.  No one seems aware of the venom they are spewing out, an unhinged Robert DeNiro screaming profanities to an approving Hollywood crowd, fingers are pointed, bad, bad, bad, they say.  And the media!  They are working very hard to bring about a change of mind in the people who have voted for Trump; they want to block him with a democratic win in the midterm elections.  Do they have an agenda beyond destroying Donald Trump?

What’s especially ugly is the focus on individuals who are not toeing the line.  Have you noticed how it’s never explained what is so threatening about Donald Trump’s political program.  The guy is boorish and a bully, so what?  So was Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bolton.  No, there is no talk about what is being sought, why the voters elected Trump.  There is no analysis, just demands.  We are caught in a Karpman Drama Triangle where the 3 roles of victim, rescuer and persecutor/scapegoat are on a continuous loop all playing their part to the hilt, and the parts are interchangeable.  Kanye said it best: We have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought.

Who do we blame for this mess?  Why aren’t we still listening to good rock and roll, getting high and proposing an enlightened philosophy?  For one thing, rock and roll has been swallowed up and is pretty much over.  Everything comes to an end, school, job, project, love affair, professional and personal relationships, marriage.  The car dies, the stove leaks gas, one’s computer and sound system become outmoded, the toaster, the blender, the air conditioner, on the blink, dishes break, clothes and linen wear out.  Money runs out.  Medical expenses, car accident, lawsuits quickly eat up one’s small cache. 

Our form of government has reached its end point and become a mafia protection racket.  No money?  You’re out of luck in this system.  Tinkering here and there and patches are not going to hold this or that together, it just makes things worse; the business of identity politics has offended every race, every ethnic, sexual, social group with its virtue signaling effects.  I say no one’s to blame.  Capitalism has run its course.  We are now in end game and it isn’t pretty.

We the people must find our way out of this, individually.  We must find our way back to the garden.  It starts by disavowing the media, taking control of the story of our lives, assessing what is important enough to pay attention to, what makes for a good life.  Only within ourselves can we find that.