The Rules




Sun 6.23.19


      Of the rules that govern one’s life, the most important is self awareness.  It overrides all others in that it forces you to acknowledge your true self, and your shadow.  You may not want to change your ideas, behavior, but you must own them, otherwise they will own you.

      This is who I am, you say to the world.  Some ideas may change at a future date, but the base character is unchangeable.  Every encounter in my life is purposeful and has meaning that I can only grasp a small portion of.  From the barista at Starbucks to the mail carrier at the door, we are imparting information of utmost importance to each other.  About?  About the meaning, the purpose and direction of one’s life.  Often the information is transmitted through the eyes.  Life comes to one in code, like the zeros and ones of the computer, a puzzle we are hardly able to decipher.  Society is merely a façade.

      Self awareness is the act of becoming married to oneself, to one’s path, accepting all occurrences on one’s journey as purposeful and not accidental.  To follow such a path will alienate a person from others.  This is good.  It allows more time for reflection about the path created and its purpose in one’s life.  One becomes aware of the conversation one is having with the birds, the trees, rocks, the ocean, clouds.

      You are fully committed to the world you have created.  You act purposefully and do not involve yourself in altercations for which you are not prepared to place your life on the line for.  Your only entanglements are those of affection.  You treat others with respect until they give you reason not to, and you give wise counsel to fellow seekers.

The favorite essay this month has been, Garden