it begins



Sun 2.18.18


      A new site, a new life.  I had the bare bones of it done by a website content writer I found on Fiverr. I knew what I wanted, had collected all the images, and a design plan.  Once the Fiverr techie pretty much completed the basics of what I wanted, I set to work completing the project.  The templates are from Squarespace, a very good company that in essence, teaches you how to build your own site using their templates; they also host your site on the net.  They have been more than helpful to me with their 24/7 email responders and live chat on their site Monday through Friday.  So they’re good.  My first problem with the site was the Journal page, of all pages!  I had asked the Fiverr techie to add a comments section on the Journal.  The techie placed the comments section in the Journal archives rather than under the journal entry.  How to correct that error?  Not possible!  I would have to start all over.  I tried everything, and in the end I had to get an outside company, Disqus to provide them.

      I’ve been at it for three weeks, the background colors, the footers, image blocks, how to move text blocks.  I made some terrible messes that I couldn’t resolve.  Although I’m no longer dealing with html code, this is just as complicated.  You have to not mind spending hours late into the night working at it.

      The site became live yesterday.  The other one is dead out there, abandoned on some nowhere highway.  I worked till 2 in the morning; first and major problem was getting Disqus installed on the Journal page, there are codes and protocols, doing X, Y, and Z.  So finally the site was ready.  It was important to get this done and enter my first journal essay on the new live site.  Then I discovered that the menu page was not displaying the navigation icons at the bottom of the page.  In other words, the only page you could access was the cover.  I got that problem solved this morning.  And as the skies are darkening I feel pretty good about the new baby.  To be sure, there a lot of minor areas that need tweaking, like the oversized icons on the footer, the somewhat somber image on the cover page . . . as you can see the work is just beginning.  I plan to keep creating pages, not for my site, but just to become proficient at this work.  I hope you enjoy it.  And also that you comment (if Disqus is working correctly!).  It’s anonymous to catch all those hidden aspects of your personality that you don’t want everyone to know about.  Plus, it’s for your protection.  I myself post on several sites, primarily Zero Hedge where my user name is, The French Bitch, with a with an avatar of a cup of chocolat and a croissant.