double, double, toil & trouble


Sun 10.29.17


      The witch flies on Tuesday!  Although smaller and weaker, woman has power over man.  She has mesmerized him, and can entice him to take a bite of the proverbial apple expressly forbidden by his patriarchal god.  The beautiful Helen is said to be responsible for the Trojan War and the ten-year siege of Troy.  Bitches, troublemakers, heretics, said the church, witches.  Is it any wonder, we are directed to hide our heads, hair, hands, feet, breasts and most assuredly, genitals!

      What is a witch?  I define a witch as a woman who has achieved her own feminine power in an authoritarian world.  Many women are witches and don’t know it, nor would they identify as such.  Madonna is a witch, and so is Hillary Clinton, Taylor Swift, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, etc., etc.  Wikipedia describes their power as: “involv[ing] the use of intent to manipulate environmental energy in order to affect change in favor of the practioner.”  It is a way of being in the world in which one pays attention to, and taps into the world’s spirit force rather than societal power dynamics.  This energy overrides the dominant culture, and its values, religious or secular.  It’s a more instinctual approach to apperception, than a logico/rational way of integrating knowledge. 

      Witches obey their own self-imposed rules.  The ability to create magic requires that one separate oneself from society, that one be firm in one’s beliefs, words, and actions.  It requires commitment to a separate reality, to a higher purpose, beyond one’s immediate needs, beyond society’s approbations.   It is to make of one’s mind and body a directed force.

      Of course men can equally tap into this power and do so, but to a lesser degree as society frowns on it, unmanly.