cookie cutter world


Sun 12.9.18


      I’ve placed a new podcast on the page.  It’s taken me a while to get another one up, not because I didn’t have one in mind, but I’ve been working since November 29 trying to get the podcasts registered with the podcast providers, Apple, Stitcher, etc, and I still haven’t succeeded.  The thing is so complicated, I’m talking about my Squarespace (Ss) website.  When I first started the podcasting page, per (Ss) configurations you have to put it on a blog page.  Did you know for instance that if you clicked on the title of a particular pod it opens to a singularly useless and ugly page that offers you even less than what you get on the many-podcasts page.  You can’t even put a picture on the dead page because it will be repeated on the many-podcasts page along with the other.  It is the most poorly designed setup imaginable.  And then different audio information on both pages, and so forth.  You can imagine what Apple and others are doing with this mess.  One pulled up an empty page with only the direction icons on it.  So, I’ve been busy.

      Signing up with (Ss) I lost 96% of my viewers and I’m not getting them back (not until I hire someone to design an independent site, -- major bucks.  These do-your-own websites are all the same.  You will not get the viewers one is able to draw in with an independent site. But one step at a time.

      My little problem is a microscopic perspective of a much larger situation we all deal with, the cookie cutter solution.  Wherein, needs are reduced to the content producer’s ability to cover every imaginable inquiry with the broadest strokes possible with the least inconvenience and expense to him or her.  PayPal actually has a program to “chat” with you on their site, except it isn’t programmed to answer your questions it just keeps repeating that it doesn’t understand your question.  All of it is cheap, cheap, let’s rake in the money and to hell with you!  To be fair (Ss) is not a ripoff, it’s just very limited in what it can provide as far as a viable website experience.  So, you are warned.  It’s a good experience for designing how you would like your site to look and to operate, but eventually if you’re serious about it you will want to move on