Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

Sun 7.29.18


Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

I went hunting on Google to find AG Sessions speech to high school conservatives, the one in which he reacts to the kids calling out “Lock her up!”  Not because of it, but the speech itself in which he comments on current pampered college kids.  Google, of course brings up the visual first, the videos of Sessions giving his talk.

      That Southern boy was given a set of ears that he’s had to accommodate throughout his life.  He is polished, at ease, and enjoying himself with the kids.  Being Southern Methodist, a former Eagle Scout and a Sunday School teacher, he necessarily moralizes.  An attractive older man, centered, knows who he is and is proud of it.  He is wearing a grey suit, the obligatory off-white shirt for the cameras, and a cheerful red tie.  His thinning sharp-white hair, parted on the left is immaculately combed with every hair in place, He keeps his own counsel, a true old-style conservative, part of a dying breed.  Jefferson Beauregard’s kind will not be seen after he dies.  He’s quite delightful and I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon sipping lemonade on his front porch listening to tales of his great adventures and battle stories. 

      I started this essay thinking I would shine a light on the pampering policies of colleges, but watching the AG enjoying himself strutting like a peacock brought up something else that’s been happening to me.  I have reached my hatred limit.  The killing, the rapes, the blaming, the physical threats, the violence, the righteous folks screaming all kinds of profanities, encouraging mayhem all the while casting themselves in the glow of virtue, Russia, Russia, Russia, the interminable DC hearings that never resolve a thing, the bombastic president, the horrible MSM, Hollywood’s mouth.  I could go on for 3 more paragraphs, but I’ll spare us both.

      I don’t agree with most of what Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has done since he’s taken the office of Attorney General.  A harsh punitive attitude for handling criminal cases, he approves civil asset forfeiture which strips suspected individuals of their funds, (how can you get a lawyer if they take your funds?) is a zealot immigrant jailer, and yet turns a blind eye to the corrupt shenanigans of colleagues.  He chuckles at the Hillary taunt because he knows there’s truth in it, but would never act on it.

      And yet he is “Buddy” Sessions who grew up in the small town of Hybart Alabama where his daddy owned the hardware store and he played ball and rode a bike undoubtedly.  This, at a time when lines were clearly drawn and one had a duty and responsibility.  It is not my world and definitely not the world of those coddled college kids he spoke of.  I certainly desire that my views prevail, but I won’t deny Buddy his place at the table we all share.