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Hors D’Oeuvres



by Gianni Motti, Luhrenloup

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The Dakota, Lennon's home; Strawberry Fields, Central Park, Luhrenloup seance

On a frenzied night in the sixties, the Beatles promised each other that when one of them would  die, he would send a message to the others from the hereafter. 
It has been 26 years since John Lennon's death and Paul McCartney once said that he is still waiting for a message from him. 

In order to facilitate this event, Gianni Motti organized a seance with the seeress LuhrenLoup. To absorb his spirit this medium with paranormal powers made spiritual pilgrimages to places that John Lennon frequented when alive. She visited the Dakota apartment building and Strawberry Fields in Central Park. The seance to invoke to spirit of John Lennon happened on March 30, 2006 at Metro Pictures in New York and lasted approximately 40 minutes. Important revelations were made to the medium, among them that Lennon would appear (express himself) soon in the space of the gallery. 

Infrared cameras were installed in the rear gallery where the seance took place, to try to capture any sign of the spirit of John Lennon. The live video is projected in the front gallery and a video of the seance itself is projected in the front gallery and a video of the seance itself is projected in the side gallery.


The world we live in becomes more and more circumscribed,
and we are constrained to a greater degree by situations
and circumstances beyond our control. Luhrenloup sees her task
in working with individuals as helping them to tap into psychic energies
within self that are beyond the bonds of society, that free one from the mold
society moves us in. Ultimately, it's about power, 
how to become cognizant of the power and energy one can marshal
to achieve success in one's career, to enrich relationships,
to achieve joy and well being.



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