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FOR THE WEEK OF may 20, 2019

The I Ching is a book of Chinese wisdom, the accumulated experience of over 2,500 years of diviners and sages, and beyond that of unimaginably ancient oral traditions; it’s a guide to an ethical life, a manual for rulers, and an oracle of one’s personal future and the future of the state. The book of divination is based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams.

The oracles have been offering people help and wise, genial guidance for generations.  It will tell you what challenges and opportunities you are likely to face if you take a particular path, and how you can negotiate the obstacles you meet. This is the opposite of 'fortune telling'. Being told what will happen, as if your own choices had nothing to do with the outcome, is deeply disempowering. The I Ching tells seekers what effects their choices will have, and helps them to develop strategies to achieve their goals.  

One needs to apply wisdom received in this post to upcoming events as they unfold during the coming week.






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Decrease combined with sincerity

Brings about supreme good fortune

Without blame.

One may be persevering in this.

It furthers one to undertake something.

How is this to be carried out?

One may use two small bowls for the sacrifice.

If a time of scanty resources brings out an inner truth, one must not feel ashamed of simplicity.  For simplicity is then the very thing needed to provide inner strength for further undertakings.  One must draw on the inner attitude to compensate for what is lacking in externals, then the power of the content makes up for the simplicity of form.  Even with slender means, the sentiment of the heart can be expressed.


At the foot of the mountain, the lake:

The image of DECREASE. 

Thus the superior man controls his anger

And restrains his instincts.

The lake at the foot of the mountain evaporates.  In this way it decreases to the benefit of the mountain, which is enriched by its moisture.  The mountain stands as a symbol of stubborn strength that can harden into anger.  The lake is the symbol of unchecked gaiety that can develop into passionate drives at the expense of the life forces.  Therefore, decrease is necessary; anger must be decreased by keeping still, the instincts must be curbed by restriction.  By this decrease of the lower powers of the psyche, the higher aspects of the soul are enriched.


Six in the thirst place means:

When three people journey together,

Their number decreases by one.

When one man journeys alone,

He finds a companion.

When there are three people together,  jealousy arises.  One of them will have to go.  A very close bond is only possible between two people.  But when one man is lonely, he is certain to find a companion who complements him.

Six in the fifth place means:

Someone does indeed increase him.

Ten pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it.

Supreme good fortune.

If someone is marked out by fate for good fortune, it comes without fail.  All oracles, for instance those that are read from the shells of tortoises, are bound to concur in giving him favorable signs.  He need fear nothing, because his luck is ordained from on high,

Nine at the top means:

If one is increased without depriving others, 

There is no blame.

Perseverance brings good fortune.

It furthers one to undertake something.

One obtains servants

But no longer has a separate home.

There are people who dispense blessings to the whole world.  Every increase in power that comes to them benefits the whole of mankind and therefore does not bring decrease to others.  Through perseverance and zealous work a man wins success and finds helpers as they are needed.  But what he accomplishes is not a limited private advantage; it is a public good and available to everyone.