For The Week of June 11, 2018

Runes are part of Viking mythology, worldview, and spiritual practice. 3 runes are chosen randomly from the 24 Celtic symbols. They will indicate what is unfolding for you in the coming week, the direction you need to be moving in, and barriers you may encounter within yourself and in your environment that must be dealt with.


Instinctive Protection


We human beings are supplied with instinctive protective power and it resides in all of us.  We also have another protective influence that comes from the source and is inspirational.  Our survival is not entirely dependent on a fight-or-flee instinct but also relies on the intelligence of creative thought.

Be on the alert and guard against any influences, external or internal which threaten to lead you away from your path.






The essential power of this rune is the ability to communicate at different levels of existence.  That was the great gift that was imparted to human beings.

Change is called for now.  You have a job to do.  Don’t let fear stop you.






The Spiritual Warrior


TYR is a supportive power that discerns and separates in order to protect from chaotic forces, so runic shamans associated it with law and order.  TYR is the power that holds everything up.  It is that which upholds natural and cosmic law.


Success is yours.  You have mastered the situation.  Remember the steps taken that led to this triumph.